Avon Old Farms School – Fall Appeal Featuring Archive Photos

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TitleFall Appeal Featuring Archive Photos
InstitutionAvon Old Farms School
Submitted ByKaitlyn Pratt
Marketing & Analytics Manager
CategoryDirect Mail Appeals
Institution TypeIndependent School
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2021

This was our first solicitation for this fiscal year. We wanted to draw a connection between our alums and current students by highlighting some of the great images in our archives and connect them with newer images that show that the brotherhood is still as strong as it was as they experienced it.

What makes this unique

This comes in a clear envelope since switching to this with the great details of our imagery our open rates have increased greatly producing more revenue for our pieces.


This solicitation sparked memories for many, as we had several alumni reach out to us to say "hey that's me, it's great to see the boys doing the same activities today"... Results are still pending, as we continue to receive gifts for several months past the drop date (we can tell this by our BRE's.)