As the world’s leading resource for annual giving programs, AGN helps educational institutions develop sustainable sources of philanthropic support. We’re proud to have served thousands of colleges, universities and independent schools through our research, training, and consulting services, and through our membership program, which provides ongoing access to professional development.


AGN’s Webinar Library provide structured training from some of the industry’s leading practitioners and subject matter experts. In addition to weekly live interactive events, we also maintain a library with hundreds of on-demand recordings that empower staff and volunteers to learn at their own direction and pace. Learn more.



AGN’s Sample Library includes over a thousand submissions from annual giving programs around the world including direct mail appeals, emails, videos, phone scripts, stewardship pieces, volunteer materials, special campaigns, and more. Learn more.



AGN’s articles feature advice, case studies, and stories from some of the industry’s leading experts and practitioners. Filled with tips and techniques, they offer great ideas to help educational institutions improve their annual giving programs. Learn more.



AGN conducts regular surveys to gain insights into trends and best practices across the field of annual giving. This research helps to uncover the characteristics, perceptions, and priorities of today’s educational fundraising professionals. Learn more.



AGN’s podcast, Starting Point, features interesting people from across the world of education and fundraising. Tune in with host Dan Allenby to find out how each guest got started, who inspired them, mistakes they made, decisions that mattered, and why annual giving is important to them. Learn more.


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