Adelphi University

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The concept behind this direct mail campaign was to give our leadership donors a report card that shows their personal giving in relation to each of our four giving societies. The report card accomplishes several goals:

1. It informs our donors how they will be publicly recognized in our annual Honor Roll of Donors
2. It presents them with the opportunity to join a new society or upgrade to the next level before our fiscal year ends
3. It serves as an educational piece about the giving societies, which were renamed and rebranded this year
4. It reinforces our appreciation for their leadership giving

We worked with Pledgemine to customize each donor's giving history, the amount it would take to get to the next level, and the call to action for each society. The result was a highly personalized report that our donors were pleased to receive. Many shared positive feedback with us and made additional gifts to secure their place in one or more of our giving societies.

Submitted ByMary Byrne - Director of the Adelphi Fund
  • Impact Report
  • Leadership Gift
  • Retention