Stanford University – Dollars for Doers Challenge

Posted on 09/02/2021

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Title Donors for Doers Challenge
Institution Stanford University
Submitted by: Brian Roth
The Stanford Fund
What is it? A giving challenge that converts hours of volunteer service into dollars that support Stanford students through financial aid, academics, or student life. It included these 3 easy steps: 1.) You’re a senior or recent graduate, 2.) Complete up to 10 hours of volunteer service, 3.) Submit a form to unlock your gift
Who was the audience?   The class of 2021 and alumni from the past four years
When did it take place?  Spring and summer 2021
What was the goal? Participation, service hours, and relationship building were more important than the total amount of money raised.
What makes it unique? Enabling students and recent graduates to give back to Stanford and support their local community or the charity of their choice. We can help them do both, rather than either-or.
Did anything surprise you?  The positive response from students and young alumni, as well as the variety of ways students chose to volunteer their time: from cleaning up rivers to fighting fires to hosting virtual concerts for the elderly.
What was the outcome? The Dollars for Doers challenge involved 250 participants contributing close to 2,000 hours of service and raising more than $45,000.
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