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Article: Leveraging "Second Asks"

There used to be a solicitation strategy commonly used by annual giving programs that went like this: “If you make a gift now, we won’t ask you again this year!” That’s not a very good strategy.

The truth is that very successful annual giving programs try to secure individual gifts at least once each year – not at the most once each year. In fact, the best programs strive to give donors the opportunity to give how, when, and however often they choose to support current operations at your institution. And that’s where “second asks” come in… Read more.

Podcast S3 E4: John Templeman | Doing Fun Things

John Templeman, Director of Annual Giving at Cleveland State University, talks about doing fun things, writing a giving day rap song, leveraging social media influencers, acting like a mad scientist, letting things go when they don’t work, and more! Listen to this episode now.

Workshop: Email Appeals

June 13th, 2024 at 11:30AM ET

Email has become an essential tool for today’s annual giving programs. But as donor inboxes fill up, it’s become even more difficult to make email appeals stand out and get opened. Understanding key principles and current best practices in email marketing will help you make sure that your institution’s email campaigns resonate with donors and remain an important aspect of its overall fundraising strategy. Join us on Thursday, June 13th, for an interactive online workshop that will provide you and your colleagues with a framework for developing email appeals to support your annual fundraising efforts. Learn more or register now.

Featured Job: Assistant Director, Annual Giving at University of Miami UHealth System

The Assistant Director will work in partnership with the Sr. Director to identify how to utilize and optimize annual giving scores and multi-variable predictive indices to ensure donor acquisition, retention, and revenue growth. The Assistant Director will partner with colleagues to establish a solicitation and stewardship program for the acquisition and retention of specific constituencies. In conjunction with the Sr. Director, the Assistant Director will establish a robust and data-driven solicitation strategy that supports the mission and priorities of the institution. Learn more.

Webinar: Annual Giving in Campaigns

June 20, 2024 at 12PM ET

Multi-year comprehensive campaigns provide institutions with an opportunity to highlight all of their priorities and needs—not the least of which is annual support. That’s why it’s critical to ensure that the goals and messages of these campaigns and their annual giving efforts are aligned. Doing so will not only help to broaden the base of support during the current campaign, it will also ensure that the key players—including donors!—are prepared to back the effort when it’s time for the next one. Learn more or register now.

Featured Job: Associate Director of Advancement, Medical Alumni at Washington University in St. Louis

The Associate Director will manage a caseload of annual and leadership prospects in the St. Louis region and with the possibility of a small assigned geographic territory based on the caseload. The primary responsibilities of the Associate Director will focus on building meaningful relationships to grow the major gift pipeline; increasing annual fund support to the School of Medicine and working in collaboration with and in support of colleagues across the University and Medical Advancement. Learn more.

Sample: UVA’s “Happy 70th Birthday, Larry” Appeal

This email effort celebrated a beloved political science professor’s 70th birthday by playing up the number 7. It was sent out on August 7th and highlighted specific examples of how gifts of $7, $70, $700, and $7,000 could benefit the university’s political science program and its students. Visit AGN’s Sample Library to view the full sample and find hundreds of other great ideas. Click here to visit the sample library now.

Workshop: Reunion Giving

July 18th, 2024 at 11:30AM ET

Celebrating class reunions (or even “graduation anniversaries”) can be one of the most effective ways to engage alumni and increase annual giving. Building on feelings of nostalgia and leveraging class affinity, reunion gift campaigns offer annual giving programs a special opportunity to attract new donors, engage current donors, reactivate lapsed donors, and solicit leadership-level gifts from your most loyal and engaged supporters. Learn more or register now.

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