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Article: Optimizing Email Subject Lines

Email inboxes are perpetually full these days. And even though email offers a relatively easy and low-cost way for institutions to solicit constituents, it doesn’t always capture a prospective donor’s attention amid all of the other marketing noise and clutter. If your email gets overlooked in a busy inbox, there’s simply no way it can be effective. But as soon as your email is opened, your chances of securing a donation improve. So how you can increase the likelihood that your emails will get opened? Read more.

Webinar: Young Alumni Leadership Giving

October 5, 2023

Long-term fundraising success is dependent on building a pipeline of future leadership, which makes it critical to cultivate young alumni. From engaging prospects to soliciting and stewarding leadership gifts, identifying strategies that resonate with your youngest leaders will help build relationships with this key constituency in the first few years after graduation. These efforts will ensure that you are priming the next generation of major donors for your institution. Learn more or register now.

Workshop: Giving Days

October 12, 2023

Giving days are a great way for educational institutions to engage donors and develop a culture of philanthropy on campus. But managing them requires a lot of preparation, coordination, and hard work. Understanding how to plan, implement, and evaluate your efforts will not only lead to better fundraising results but will help ensure an exciting and meaningful experience for everyone involved. Learn more or register now.

Podcast: Gina Fiorillo "Going a Mile Deep"

Gina Fiorillo, Assistant Vice President for Annual Giving at NYU, talks about being an inch wide but going a mile deep, understanding everyday people, the art of storytelling, dealing with change, trusting your inner voice, and more.Listen to this episode now.

Workshop: Email Appeals

September 28, 2023

Email has become an essential tool for today’s annual giving programs. But as donor inboxes fill up, it’s become even more difficult to make email appeals stand out and get opened. Understanding key principles and current best practices in email marketing will help you make sure that your institution’s email campaigns resonate with donors and remain an important aspect of its overall fundraising strategy. Learn more or register now.

Career Opportunity: Director, Donor Relations at the University of San Diego

The University of San Diego is seeking a Director of Donor Relations. The Director of Donor Relations is responsible for formulating USD’s donor stewardship and recognition strategies, designing, implementing, and coordinating a cohesive vision for the campus. The director leads and oversees the donor relations and stewardship programs, promoting interaction with and recognition of donors at all levels, utilizing traditional, electronic, and social media tools. Learn more or apply today.

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