Texas A&M-Commerce – Student Caller Job Flyer

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TitleStudent Caller Job Flyer
InstitutionTexas A&M-Commerce
Submitted ByWhitney O'Dell
Coordinator of Student Philanthropy and Communications
CategoryPhonathon Materials
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2021

Create this flyer to post around campus based solely on the fact we are reviving our entire calling program. It was meant to attract student callers who were needing a summer job, but wanted to just get the message back out to campus we are running again and wanting to build relationships!

What makes this unique

We want to make our calling center more than just an on-campus job. The flyer was meant to attract students who want to make it their mission to build their resume and build relationships!


Outcome is still pending. We had 7 students apply/email us with interest to start calling in the fall. We expect this job to have at least 20-30 applications here in the next few weeks when students return back to campus. From there we will hire 10 callers to start.