Washington & Jefferson College – Mid-Day Challenge Email

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TitleMid-Day Challenge Email
InstitutionWashington & Jefferson College
Submitted ByChris Hughes
Director of Annual Giving
CategoryEmail Appeals
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2018

This was an email we sent out around 2 pm on the afternoon of our annual Day of Giving to encourage participation during what we know is generally a slow time for gifts on that day. The email announced a new challenge match for the next 100 gifts.

What makes this unique

This was a challenge match that we decided not to announce beforehand. We strategically held it in reserve. Our Day of Giving past years' results (2018 was W&J's 4th annual day of giving) told us mid-afternoon needed a boost, so heading into Day of Giving we generally assumed mid-afternoon is where it would be used, but we also started the Day with an open mind and let the day's results drive that decision.

Primary Goal

To add 100 online gifts in as short a time span as possible on that date.


It took less than an hour to get those 100 gifts. Note: W&J’s alumni base is only slightly more than 13,000, not all of whom are emailable.