Sample Library

AGN’s Sample Library includes over a thousand submissions from annual giving programs around the world including direct mail appeals, emails, videos, phone scripts, stewardship pieces, volunteer materials, special campaigns, and more. Use the category filter and keyword search bar below to explore the library now.

 Institution Description Category
Mt. Bethel Christian AcademyAnnual Report with Wedding AnnouncementsStewardship Communications
Mustard Seed CommunitiesCalendar Year End AppealDirect Mail Appeals
NC State UniversityParents Leadership Giving AppealDirect Mail Appeals
NC State UniversityParents Partners Program BrochureMisc/Other
NC State UniversityAppeal with Customized Donor Impact
Nebraska Wesleyan UniversityLeadership Donor Fall AppealDirect Mail Appeals
Nebraska Wesleyan UniversityPresident's Donor Stewardship LetterStewardship Communications
New York UniversityThanksgiving Video From Annual Fund TeamStewardship Communications
Newark AcademyFall Brochure AppealDirect Mail Appeals
Nichols School60th Reunion Solicitation PacketDirect Mail Appeals
Northern Arizona UniversityCaller Generic Thank You VideoPhonathon Materials
Northern Arizona UniversityParent Lapsed & Nondonor Calling ScriptsPhonathon Materials
Northwestern UniversityRegional Board Member Job DescriptionMisc/Other
Northwestern UniversityLeadership Society BrochureMisc/Other
NYUPhonathon Pledge Reminder LetterPhonathon Materials
Oakland City UniversityAlumni Annual Dues with Premium AppealDirect Mail Appeals
Oakwood SchoolFollow Up Email to Lybunts and SybuntsDirect Mail Appeals
Oakwood School#GivingTuesday Alumni Giving Week PlanMisc/Other
Oberlin College and ConservatorySpring Appeal Featuring StudentDirect Mail Appeals
Occidental CollegeParticipation Incentive for Giving DayEmail Appeals
 Institution Description Category