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Purpose Stewardship
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The Wayne Loyal donor group recognizes donors who have given to Wayne State University consecutively for 3 or more years. When sending stewardship communications, we aim to present Wayne Loyal donors with community centric language, donor engagement, impact of donations and consistent branding.

At the 3-year mark, we welcome donors to Wayne Loyal by mailing them a welcome packet.

The Wayne Loyal Quarterly Update email, which keep Wayne Loyal donors connected with WSU news, events, and quotes from other donors on why they are Wayne Loyal.

Anniversary messages are sent to Wayne Loyal donors at the milestone marks of 5, 10, 15 and 20 years using ThankView so that donors get a personal thank you message from us and a student.

The last piece is the 2023 invitation to the Wayne Loyal Lifetime Circle Induction. Wayne Loyal donors who have donated to Wayne State University for 20 or more consecutive years are invited to connect at this special event to celebrate achievements and induct new members each spring.

Submitted By Claire Cole – Donor Experience Officer
Year 2023
Award Recipient