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Poll Results: Alumni Participation Rates

Research conducted on 03/10/2021

The following data was collected as a part of AGN's ongoing research on industry trends and best practices. It reflects the perspectives, priorities and opinions of active fundraising professionals at educational institutions and other nonprofits. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or call 888.407.5064.

Do you think that alumni participation (i.e. percent of alumni who donate each year) is a good metric for measuring "alumni satisfaction" with their alma mater?

Did your institution acquire enough new donors last year to "replace" those prior year donors who did not renew?

Has your institution coordinated a special campaign or a challenge in the past 12 months aimed specifically at increasing alumni participation rates?

If asked, would you be able to state your program's alumni donor retention and reactivation rates from last year without having to look them up in a report?

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