2022 Salary Report

Posted on 09/15/2022 Jennifer Fillare

Based on a survey of more than 2,000 college, university, and independent school advancement professionals, AGN’s 2022 Salary Report uncovers compensation trends and other insights related to employee interests and satisfaction. Complete the form below to download a FREE copy of the report. Did you miss our webinar providing a broad overview of the methodology and 12 key findings highlighted in the report? Watch a recording of the webinar here.

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10 Great Annual Giving Ideas 2021

Posted on 01/16/2021 Jennifer Fillare

After receiving hundreds of entries from educational institutions around the world, AGN is pleased to share ten great ideas from 2020 Annual Giving Challenge! The challenge is an annual contest sponsored by AGN that offers annual giving programs an opportunity to share their most interesting and successful fundraising efforts. Reviewed by a panel of AGN’s faculty for overall quality, uniqueness, and level of innovation, the following submissions were some of our favorites. Please complete the short form below to view the samples.

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Alumni Relations in a Changing World 2020

Posted on 08/26/2020 Jennifer Fillare

In July 2020, AGN conducted a survey of alumni relations staff at educational institutions including colleges, universities, and independent schools. The goal of the survey was to gauge the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on alumni relations teams over the past several months and to determine how alumni engagement efforts are changing in an increasingly virtual environment. Please complete the short form below to download a copy of the survey report.

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Frontline Fundraising in a Virtual Environment 2020

Posted on 07/22/2020 Jennifer Fillare

AGN recently conducted a survey to gauge frontline fundraising trends in the current virtual environment. The findings of this study provide important insights into the pandemic’s overall impact on direct solicitation trends, including the types of prospect interactions that are taking place and expectations for fundraisers in the months ahead. Please complete the short form below to download a copy of the survey report.

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10 Drivers of Success in Annual Giving

Posted on 04/15/2018 Jennifer Fillare

In late 2017, AGN completed a survey of more than 300 annual giving professionals at educational institutions in order to assess the challenges and opportunities facing annual giving programs today. Comparing responses of the most successful programs to the general population, this report identifies productivity drivers and addresses the following questions: What portion of fundraising totals typically come through the annual fund? Do face-to-face donor meetings really matter? Are there benefits to giving days beyond donors and dollars? Is recurring giving a silver bullet? How much should be spent on professional development for staff? And more! Click here to download this report.

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