University of Utah – Student Philanthropy Fair

Posted on 06/17/2021

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Title Student Philanthropy Fair
Institution University of Utah
Submitted By Hannah Sandorf
Annual Giving Manager of Digital Engagement
Category Special Campaigns/Challenges
Institution Type College / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur? 2020
Description The Student Giving Day Committee in coordination with Annual Giving put together a Philanthropy Fair last year on U Giving Day. Students would receive a passport when they came to the fair to collect stamps by visiting different booths. Booths themes around philanthropy and engagement.
What makes this unique I have not heard of another school doing a student-led philanthropy education event to this scale before. We had over 200 students come to the Philanthropy Fair and participate in the Rock, Paper, Scissors Scholarship Competition. I felt this was pretty good for a first-year effort and only the U’s second Giving Day. The students were completely in charge as far as what areas should participate, how to get students to come and celebrate the U, and coordinated with other student groups to get more students involved. We also involved the Salt Lake Alumni Club which was a great way to help engage current students and prepare them to continue involvement after graduation.
Outcome The overall feedback we received was very positive. All of the student-led booths from other student organizations said they would participate again in the Philanthropy Fair the next year. We also saw an increase in students posting about U Giving Day on social media, double the student donors from 2019, and an increase in the average student gift from $26 to $29. All of the students who were on the committee last year are participating again this year, with the exception of those who graduated. They see it as a valuable effort. This year we are doubling the size of the committee to fourteen students, including the Vice President of the Black Student Union, members of the Panhellenic Council, and a member of the ASUU Student Government. It’s really turning into a cross-campus collaborative effort to help grow student giving and engagement through student organizations.


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