MassArt – Fall Appeal Featuring Student Art

Posted on 03/15/2021

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Title Fall Appeal Featuring Student Art
Institution MassArt
Submitted By Julia Crane Dempsey
Director of Annual Giving
Category Direct Mail Appeals
Institution Type College / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur? 2021
Description For our Fall 2020 campaign, we chose to highlight the determination and work ethic of MassArt students amidst the challenges of the pandemic. Since we could not organize a photo shoot like we normally would, we used the opportunity to feature student artwork–something our donors love.
What makes this unique This effort is unique because it features both the voice and the artwork of the MassArt student being featured. This is strategic because MassArt donors are highly visual. Typically our fall campaigns feature extensive photography but with that option not available to us, we pivoted to an illustration-heavy piece. We believe this will resonate with our recipients and bring the student’s story to life even more.

This piece is also unique because it dropped during the first semester at MassArt that planned to incorporate hybrid and remote learning. Some recipients of this piece might not have had an understanding of what the MassArt experience looked like for students during this time. The piece had to communicate this experience and provide an update while also making the case for support. Using the illustrated timeline to convey Trevor’s MassArt experience before the pandemic, during the spring of 2020, this fall, and his plans for after graduation allows the donor to feel very connected to Trevor, which makes the ask all the more compelling.

Outcome Outcome still pending


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