Brevard College – Trustee Challenge & Face Mask Appeal

Posted on 08/19/2021

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Title Trustee Challenge & Face Mask Appeal
Institution Brevard College
Submitted by: Megan Shina
Manager of Annual Giving and Special Events
What is it? A direct mail piece
When did it take place?  2021
Who was the audience? Alumni, parents, and friends
What was the goal? To strengthen the sense of community, raise awareness about the impact of annual fund support, and raise money to support the college.
What makes it unique? All gifts were doubled through a Trustee match and any donor of $50 or more received a college branded face mask.
What was important about this appeal? A lot of donors like to give restricted gifts to programs they know well. Most donors look over the Annual Fund because they never know exactly where their gift is going. By explaining where their funds go, donors seemed more compelled to give to the Annual Fund and to be a part of a team effort (Stronger Together).
What was the outcome? It generated more gifts than any other previous appeal.
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