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Poll Results: Alumni Giving & Engagement

Research conducted on 01/01/2020

The following data was collected as a part of AGN's ongoing research on industry trends and best practices. It reflects the perspectives, priorities and opinions of active fundraising professionals at educational institutions and other nonprofits. For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or call 888.407.5064.

How good is your organization's data related to the interest and affinities of its alumni and other potential donors?


How often does your program customize fundraising appeals so as to include affinity-based messages?


Do you know which affinity groups are the most inclined to support your organization philanthropically?


How aggressive was your institution at soliciting alumni for donations during the first several months of the pandemic?


How often do you segment your alumni appeals and communications by generation?


Do your young alumni appeals include lower ask amounts than your appeals to other/older alumni?


In your opinion, how prepared are your institution’s advancement staff to work with underrepresented alumni and donors?


In your opinion, is your institution taking positive steps to address the existing concerns of its underrepresented alumni and donors?


How well has your institution pivoted its alumni relations efforts over the past few months?


How optimistic do you feel about the fall semester ahead as it relates to your alumni relations?


Has your institution increased or decreased its efforts to engage international alumni since the COVID-19 pandemic began?


Relative to domestic alumni, how much affinity do your international alumni have for your institution?


Which of the following best describes your alumni event and activity strategy for the next few months?


What's the highest priority for your regional alumni programs?


Has your institution solicited (or is it planning to solicit) alumni in the Class of 2020 this fiscal year?


Which of the following feels like a higher priority for your institution?


How would you rate you/your team's writing abilities when it comes to producing grant proposals?

To find additional research and discover other tools for fundraising success, visit AGN's Resource Center or contact us at [email protected] or call 888.407.5064.