Assistant Director of Stewardship

Posted on 04/19/2023

Oklahoma State University Foundation

Stillwater, OK

VISION:  Transform the university through the power of generosity.

MISSION:  Unite donor passions with university priorities to elevate the impact of Oklahoma State University.

DEPARTMENT PURPOSE:  We partner to build and strengthen donor confidence through strategic communications and engagement opportunities that celebrate donor impact.

PRIMARY PURPOSE:  Strengthen overall stewardship strategies through managing the endowment reporting process, executing the university-wide utilization policy and providing general stewardship support and direction for internal and external partners.


Serve as project manager for the annual endowment reporting process.

  • Develop a production timeline for endowment reports in cooperation with the Director of Stewardship and Donor Communications, getting buy-in from all internal and external parties impacted.  
  • Provide writing, research and editorial support for endowment report collateral.
  • Gather, edit and incorporate specific impact statements from each academic unit.
  • Work in collaboration with the endowment report committee to ensure reports are sent in a timely manner and meet donor expectations.

Provide stewardship and compliance direction to internal and external partners.

  • Coordinate the monthly pledge reminder process with Development and Gift Management to ensure reminders are timed/adjusted appropriately.
  • Assist the Director of Stewardship and Donor Communications by serving as a liaison between OSU Foundation staff, campus partners and the Gift Acceptance Committee to draft memos for committee approval when fund requests fall outside of established guidelines.

Support implementation and execution of university-wide Fund Utilization Policy.

  • Research requests for reinvestment to ensure funds are being managed and spent appropriately.
  • Partner with Associate Director of Scholarship Administration to assist in tracking utilization plans and coordinate communication with internal and campus partners.
  • Perform targeted fund research as needed when stewardship and compliance issues/questions arise.

Collaborate to develop and execute leadership annual giving stewardship program.

  • Collaborate with Annual Giving team and Assistant Director of Stewardship to develop and execute specialty acknowledgements and stewardship for various donor programs and groups.

Other duties as assigned.


Education & Certifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in relative area(s)


  • Minimum of 2 years of full-time administrative work experience is preferred.
  • Excellent written communication skills are essential. Knowledge of correct English usage, spelling, grammar, etc.; modern office methods and procedures; equipment and filing systems; proofreading; business letter and report writing techniques.
  • Ability to multi-task and facilitate projects involving donors, prospects, development officers, university administrators and staff members in a courteous, professional manner.
  • Ability to collaborate with team members; provide energy, enthusiasm and new ideas.
  • Ability to develop and execute processes to meet deadlines and achieve established objectives.
  • Proven sense of humor and ability to have fun

Organizational Competencies-

  • Effective Communication: Communicates well (written and verbal); exhibits exceptional listening skills, and is transparent through open dialog and informational sharing; seeks first to understand and assumes positive intent; deals with others in a straightforward and honest manner while conveying both good and bad news; avoids “telling themselves a story” and works to deploy crucial conversation communication techniques; shows the highest level of understanding, courtesy, tact, empathy and concern with all interactions
  • Execution & Initiative: Demonstrates a high level of initiative on assignments; expresses interest in taking on more responsibilities and contributing to overall goals; proactively contributes to problem solving and pursues continuous improvement efforts at all times; takes responsibility to ensure that quality and timeliness of deliverables meets organizational and donor expectations; ensures work is accurate; delivers upon commitments while demonstrating integrity, stewardship of resources and service to OSU
  • Teamwork/Interpersonal Skills: Builds and maintains strong internal working relationships that promote open and honest communication; cares for others personally and professionally; values diversity and treats all individuals with respect and professionalism; demonstrates an open mind-set when presented with opportunities to learn about different culture, approaches or opinions; supports team efforts and makes the Foundation a more enjoyable place to work
  • Problem Solving/Judgment: Seeks guidance and expert opinions in decision-making and planning process; gains understanding of how to apply approved policies and procedures; when and why escalation of issues is needed and to whom; responds appropriately and timely to issues; accepts responsibility for actions
  • Adaptability/Flexibility:  Committed to continuous improvement; adapts to change, is open to new ideas; takes on new responsibilities, handles pressure, and adjusts plans to meet changing needs; shows ability to listen actively to different perspectives and consider alternate views based on new information; demonstrates self-control and remains productive during times of uncertainty
  • Courage & Conviction: Proactively takes responsibility for individual outcomes regardless of success, and learns from all results; demonstrates dedication to the principles of truth and honesty, even when the message may not be welcome; maintains confidentiality; supports company values, walks the talk; behaviors and actions are consistent with statements, values and beliefs; practices ethical decision making; has courage to try something new when encouraged by others; shows accountability and credibility by following through on commitments; receives constructive feedback from others and looks for continually improve
  • Donor Centered: Follows through with appropriate actions and/or information to meet the requests of donors; actively shares contacts and relationships with those who may have common goals or needs; embraces development and stewardship strategies that build relationships and respect the donors’ interests, while balancing university priorities; solidifies personal relationships with mutual trust and fulfillment on commitments

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Must use a computer terminal and view a computer screen for extended periods of time.  Must talk in person or by phone (frequently and sometimes for extended periods) to people on campus and across the country.  Must constantly use visual acuity to check printed and designed materials of various types.  Must be able to navigate within the OSU Foundation. Typical office working conditions.

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