Annual Giving Associate, Engagement Center

Posted on 05/10/2024

Oklahoma State University Foundation

Stillwater, OK

VISION:  Transform the university through the power of generosity.

MISSION:  Unite donor passions with university priorities to elevate the impact of Oklahoma State University.

DEPARTMENT PURPOSE:  Annual Giving exists to create a wide and deep pool of highly engaged donors to programs and units across OSU, by helping donors discover their philanthropic passions and implementing strategic tactics and partnerships to aid donors in realizing their full philanthropic potential.

PRIMARY PURPOSE: The Annual Giving Associate position in the Engagement Center exists to lead and manage all aspects of the Cowboy Caller Engagement Center, including program strategy and production, engagement software operation and troubleshooting, and oversight of all student employees. This position also serves as a staff advisor to the OSUF Student Foundation.

To successfully manage the Engagement Center, this position is required to work an atypical schedule of Monday through Thursday, noon until 9:00pm, and Friday, 8:00am until 5:00pm.

Key Areas of Focus: 

Management of the Cowboy Caller Engagement Center — 50%

  • Oversee all aspects of the Cowboy Caller Engagement Center, including recruitment, hiring, scheduling, retention, training, and supervision of Cowboy Callers, Student Development Associates, and student managers, who philanthropically engage all OSU constituencies.
  • Direct all aspects of operations, including student payroll, shift setup, supervising shifts and post-shift shutdown.
  • Enforce Cowboy Callers policies for attendance and behavior, and recommend updated policies as needed.
  • Serve as the resident expert for all Engagement Center technology, particularly the multi-channel engagement software platform.
  • In cooperation with the Data/Records Team and the Gifts Team, ensure exchange of data between the OSUF CRM and the Engagement Center outreach platform is carried out in a timely manner, with an eye towards identifying concerns or discrepancies to ensure data accuracy and integrity.
  • Ensure that the Engagement Center is a tidy, welcoming, and secure environment for staff and visitors.
  • Plan and execute incentive programs for Cowboy Callers to increase staff retention.
  • Administer Cowboy Callers performance evaluations.
  • Propose and manage Engagement Center budgetary resources to maximize results.


Evaluating Engagement Center Results—25%

  • In partnership with the larger Annual Giving Team, build segmentation and calling pool strategy to maximize outreach results.
  • Provide regular reporting on Engagement Center performance to the Director of Annual Giving.
  • As necessary, provide Engagement Center performance results to various OSUF teams.
  • Analyze individual caller performance data to maximize coaching and caller results.


Planning Engagement Center Initiatives—15%

  • Develop a year-long, multi-channel engagement calendar for the Engagement Center.
  • Collect unit-specific information from OSUF partners to enhance Engagement Center outreach.
  • In partnership with the Director of Annual Giving, make Engagement Center performance projections, set goals, and review/analyze relevant data sets.
  • Maintain a high degree of confidentiality on all sensitive constituent information and abide by OSUF and PCI data security policies.

OSUF Student Foundation Advisor—10%

  • Serve as secondary staff advisor to the OSUF Student Foundation.
  • Assist with Student Foundation logistics for meetings and events.
  • Regularly attend Student Foundation executive and general meetings.
  • Partner with fellow advisor and Student Foundation membership to build a culture of student philanthropy within the OSU System.

Other duties as assigned.

Education & Certifications-

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Ability to work an atypical schedule of Monday through Thursday, noon until 9:00pm, and Friday, 8:00am until 5:00pm.


  • Call center experience, preferably in a nonprofit environment
  • Experience analyzing data and setting goals
  • Experience with call center software, preferably RNL’s Engage platform
  • Experience building a collaborative and high-performing work culture

Organizational Competencies-

  • Effective Communication: Listens well and diffuses conflict before it starts; highly persuasive in communications; presents ideas in a manner which actively engages people; takes action to reduce communication barriers and ensure arrangements are in place for effective communication across and within the organization; successfully carries out crucial conversations and encourages and coaches others to have crucial conversations to resolve conflict
  • Execution & Initiative: Holds staff accountable for achieving standards of excellence and results for the organization; seeks out understanding of both donor needs and internal processes; continuously pursues improvement of the organization’s performance by enhancing business processes, systems, teams, facilities or equipment; takes charge in a crisis and effectively maneuvers through complex situations and makes tough decisions in a timely manner
  • Teamwork/Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates commitment to employee engagement and leverages programs and tools to build business plans and monitor progress; utilizes employee recognition and reward programs to celebrate individual and team success; looks for opportunities to create cross-functional teams that leverage employee strengths; proactively takes steps to retain employees by building trust and developing their skills; builds relationships internally and externally and uses relationships to build consensus and create results; coaches others and is able to message appropriately, maintaining confidentiality; excels in maneuvering in a complex and political environment
  • Problem Solving/Judgment: Builds teams understanding of how to apply approved policies and procedures to ensure compliance; looks more broadly across multiple lines of business to identify opportunities and pro-actively solve problems and implement solutions; challenges assumptions, bases decisions on the right mixture of data analysis as well as wisdom and experience
  • Adaptability/Flexibility:  Partners with other colleagues to explore implications of shifting dynamics; communicates in an effort to engage team members and partners in change efforts, explaining the rationale, impacts and benefits of change both vertically and horizontally; involves others in planning and implementing change, keeping them informed of progress; leads with confidence during times of change; drives the implementation and acceptance of change in the workplace, including innovative solutions and alternative approaches for changing circumstances
  • Courage & Conviction: Takes responsibility for team outcomes regardless of success and learns from all results; creates an environment where failure is seen as an opportunity for learning; practices ethical decision making and encourages the same in others; has the courage to hold others accountable for their actions and decisions
  • Donor Centered: Ensures team understands the importance of donor centered service in accordance with OSUF standards; explains difficult information while focused on the donor’s perspective and level of knowledge

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