AGN Annual Giving Toolkit

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Setting Goals

  • Self-Assessment / Scorecard

Use this form and indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with strategic statements as they relate to your institution’s annual giving efforts and receive your program’s overall grade. It should take you 10 to 12 minutes to complete all seven sections in the assessment.

  • Definition Worksheet

Description: An important part of starting your annual giving plans is defining what “annual giving” actually means. Use this calculator to help you get a clear view of what annual giving means at your institution.

  • Trend Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis

Use your scorecard evaluation and your datasheet to see where your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats all lie.

  • Goals and Tactics

Look over your SWOT chart and pull out the top three to four priorities for your annual giving program. Then, list the three most important tactics you will implement to achieve each goal.

  • Revenue Projection Tables

Use this worksheet to set good growth expectations for your fundraising.

  • Donor Projection Tables
  • Leadership Gift Pyramid

Working backward from your program's total revenue goal for next year, estimate the number of gifts (and corresponding revenue) you will need to secure at each of the levels listed.

  • Participation Forecast


  • Case Statement Worksheet
  • Messaging Matrix
  • Ask Calculator
  • Stewardship Matrix
  • ROI Calculator


  • Calendar

Outline your direct mail, email, calling, giving day, and stewardship calendar for next year.

  • Quarterly Priorities
  • Time Management Grid


  • Stakeholder Map
  • Top 25 Prospects Tracker
  • Portfolio Participation Tracker
  • Year-End Gift Officer Blitz Email Template
  • Contact Report
  • Reports & Dashboard


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