University of California, Berkeley – Student Giving Impact Report Video

Posted on 03/15/2021

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Title Student Giving Impact Report Video
Institution University of California, Berkeley
Submitted By Molly Shepherd
Associate Director for Student & Recent Grad Giving
Category Stewardship Communications
Institution Type College / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur? 2020
Description This is a digital student giving impact report that was sent to both donors and non-donors of two graduate student populations, and to donors-only of the undergraduate population. It was followed with a text including a contact info update link, should the recipient had not gotten the email.
What makes this unique This is our first time doing ONE impact report for all the students of Berkeley Haas. And it came at a time when we really needed to reach the students/recent grads with a positive, uplifting message. I chose video over other mediums due to increased demand for video content from our Gen Z audience. It probably took about 6-8 hours to really get comfortable with the platform but, now that I am, I can crank out videos for student orientations and trainings within a day or so. This was also the first time we tried texting all of our recent grads to make sure we were using their preferred email. While this is of great benefit to the school, it also allowed me the chance to have some fun 1:1 text conversations with these recent graduates. Oh, and it also ensured that I did not toil over this one video all summer for nothing
Outcome 527 (x2) personalized contact touch points through gmail mail-merge and text. 10% response rate from text. Lots of positive feedback from donors, and we got updated contact information for recent grads, something we are always trying to do. One donor responded by giving another $1,000 after receiving this communication, so the project was more than paid for just by that gift.


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