Tennessee Tech University – Loyal Donor Package

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TitleLoyal Donor Package
InstitutionTennessee Tech University
Submitted ByKelly Chambers
Assistant Director
CategoryStewardship Communications
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2021

Tennessee Tech's True To Tech program recognizes loyal donors who make a gift for two or more consecutive years. Once a donor makes his second gift in a row, he becomes True To Tech and receives a True To Tech packet including a decal and magnet displaying the number of years he has given.

What makes this unique

The True To Tech program at Tennessee Tech is one of our most successful fundraising and stewardship programs. Decals and magnets can be seen across campus (on filing cabinets, doors, and refrigerators) and across the state on vehicles. Tennessee Tech donors always like to brag about how many years they’ve been True To Tech. When it’s time to mail the annual True To Tech packets, we often receive calls from donors who are anticipating their updated decal and magnet. The alliteration of True To Tech combined with the striking Tech artwork (in school colors of purple and gold) make this our most successful annual appeal and stewardship program.


True To Tech donors have given between 2 years and 50 years, and the program continues to grow! There are currently more than 2,300 True To Tech households who provide nearly $2 million each year, and the gifts received are invested across all schools, colleges, and athletic programs. Research shows that young alumni are more transactional in their giving, and True To Tech uses this to the university’s advantage. True To Tech donors have become conditioned to expect their magnet and decal each year, and they give annually and consistently—often without even being asked. The retention rate of True To Tech donors is approximately 83% each year.