University of Chicago Booth School of Business – Reunion E-Appeal with Class Goals

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TitleReunion E-Appeal with Class Goals
InstitutionUniversity of Chicago Booth School of Business
Submitted ByCeleste Goering
Senior Assistant Director, Reunion and Class Giving
CategoryEmail Appeals
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2021

This is the first reunion email direct appeal that each reunion milestone receives each FY. It is designed to introduce the gift chair for the class, provides an opportunity for the gift chair to add personalization about why they give back to Booth, and also announces the fundraising goals.

What makes this unique

As the first reunion direct appeal that reunion alumni receive, the email checks a lot of boxes without being too lengthy. We also know that communications which are signed by classmates of reunion alumni are opened much more frequently than those signed by staff, and by allowing each gift chair to personalize the letter and add their own voice, it suddenly makes giving back relatable to the reader.


This direct appeal has performed poorly year after year, possibly due to a number of different factors.