Virginia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary – Day of Giving Appeal with Sticker

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TitleDay of Giving Appeal with Sticker
InstitutionVirginia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary
Submitted BySally Brooks
Assistant Director of Advancement, Outreach and Engagement
CategoryDirect Mail Appeals
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2020

This was a direct mail piece sent for our Annual Day of Giving. It asked people to make a gift, encourage their friends to give, and use the enclosed shark sticker to spread the word about their support of VIMS.

What makes this unique

We employed more segmentation than we typically do. We asked them to be VIMS Champions and help us by encouraging their networks to give as well. Asking them for more than just a donation.


I think it would have been successful - we got lots of feedback from people that they loved the shark sticker. But it dropped in the mail the week the pandemic shut everyone down and our annual day of giving was later rescheduled and re-focused and the messaging in this letter didn't necessarily apply anymore. When the actual day of giving finally rolled around, we didn't push it because of the re-focused theme (the university focused more on DEI initiatives, and it felt inappropriate for us to push our efforts for funding for scientific equipment).