Virginia Tech – Giving Day Mailing Targeting Older Alums

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TitleGiving Day Mailing Targeting Older Alums
InstitutionVirginia Tech
Submitted ByHeather Kopec
Director of Annual Giving
CategoryDirect Mail Appeals
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2019

This a direct mail piece for our second giving day focused on having a fun, inviting mail piece to catch attention in the mailbox. The primary audience was Boomer/Silent Generation alumni allowing them to give early. Additionally, young alumni received it as a way to engage them with a cool premium.

What makes this unique

This was unique because of the generational focus allowing us to give all alumni a chance to participate with giving day in a channel they prefer while also spreading the word about the day in a time if year where fundraising is generally low. Additionally, it was innovative because of the special cut-out Hokie Bird and served as a fun way to engage alumni in giving day before the event. On giving day, alumni who received the mailing were posting photos with their flat Hokie Bird and utilizing it on social media to spread the giving day spirit.


Prior to giving day, this piece generated 369 gifts and $109,184. For the Silent Generation alumni, the response rate was over 9%