Westminster (Atlanta) – Social Media Donor Stewardship GIFs

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TitleSocial Media Donor Stewardship GIFs
InstitutionWestminster (Atlanta)
Submitted ByJustin Abraham
Digital and Media Strategies Manager
CategoryStewardship Communications
Institution TypeIndependent School
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2018

During our fall annual giving challenge, we sought to steward our donors from several different audiences, including parents, alumni, and students, in a fun and creative manner. We created a collection of 20+ animated, branded GIFs that can be used on Instagram, Snapchat, and in text messages.

What makes this unique

Except for man hours, the GIFs were free to create and upload to GIPHY, the main site that hosts the graphics for Instagram and Snapchat. The GIFs were made available to all members of our community and accompanied by a fun instructional video on how to use them. The video starred our Wildcat mascot, informing viewers how to get their “paws” on the GIFs.

Primary Goal

Providing an inexpensive, but relevant, fun, and rewarding, stewardship piece to a wide range of community members.


In the week following their release, the GIFs were viewed more than 153,000 times.