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 Title Institution Category FY
Student Emergency Fund CampaignUniversity at AlbanySpecial Campaigns/Challenges2020
Campaign Public Launch Social MediaUniversity at Albany AdvancementSpecial Campaigns/Challenges2019
President's Faculty & Staff Gift ReceiptUniversity at BuffaloStewardship Communications2021
Calendar Year End Letter AppealUniversity at BuffaloDirect Mail Appeals2021
Virtual Basketball Game Stewardship DayUniversity at BuffaloStewardship Communications2021
Leadership AppealUniversity at BuffaloDirect Mail Appeals2019
Digital Endowment ReportUniversity at BuffaloStewardship Communications2021
Class Gift Campaign ToolkitUniversity of ArizonaSpecial Campaigns/Challenges2019
Fall Appeal Featuring New GraphicsUniversity of ArkansasDirect Mail Appeals2020
Thank You Postcard Featuring AG DirectorUniversity of ArkansasStewardship Communications2019
6am Giving Day Kick-off EmailUniversity of Arkansas for Medical SciencesSpecial Campaigns/Challenges2021
Giving Day Ambassador ToolkitUniversity of Arkansas for Medical SciencesVolunteer Materials2018
Alumni Donor Phonathon ScriptUniversity of BaltimorePhonathon Materials2018
Alumni NonDonor Phonathon ScriptUniversity of BaltimorePhonathon Materials2018
Calendar Year 2019 Anniversary AppealUniversity of BaltimoreDirect Mail Appeals2019
Spring Past Donor AppealUniversity of BaltimoreDirect Mail Appeals2018
Giving Day Appeal LetterUniversity of British ColumbiaDirect Mail Appeals2021
Summer Appeal Featuring StudentUniversity of British ColumbiaDirect Mail Appeals2020
Multi-Variable Mass President's AppealUniversity of British ColumbiaDirect Mail Appeals2018
Parent Gift Officer Meeting RequestUniversity of California IrvineLeadership Giving Materials2021
 Title Institution Category FY