Fordham University – Simple Gift Society Renewal

Posted on 08/06/2021

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Submitted By: Elaine Ezrapour, Director of the Fordham Fund
What is it? A direct mail piece
When did it take place? 2021
Who was the audience? Members of the university’s 3 gift societies including leadership donors, consistent supporters, and young alumni leaders.
What was the goal? To highlight the number of years each donor had given, describe the impact of their past gifts, and invite them to renew their gifts this year.
What makes it unique? Through a little segmentation and merging of variable text, this very simple appeal was personalized to reflect each donor’s giving history and highlight the impact of their support.
Did anything surprise you? It didn’t require a lot of time or budgetary resources to produce.
What was the outcome? This piece touched an important group of donors in a personal way.
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