NC State – Customized Gift Impact Poster

Posted on 03/15/2021

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Title Appeal with Customized Donor Impact
Institution NC State University
Submitted By Scott Warner
Associate Director of Annual Giving
Category Direct Mail Appeals
Institution Type College / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur? 2020
Description This mailer took a unique approach, by delivering a highly-customized poster with information detailing how gifts were used in the specific areas the donor had given to, along with universitywide statements of impact and a solicitation letter from the chancellor.
What makes this unique At the time this campaign was produced, to the best of our knowledge this style of highly personalized impact reporting had not been done at this scale (audience size, fund categories). This was an innovative project that required complex concepts to be ideated from scratch. Multiple teams had to work together to accomplish our goals. Typically a print piece such as a poster would only implement customized fields such as names or other short-form fields, but we took it a step further by executing entire content blocks customized to the recipient, which required the use of variable layouts depending on the number of content blocks allocated to the recipient. Not only were we delivering customized content blocks; the entire layout of the poster was dynamic depending on the number of funds each donor had given to. The end result was a premium product that the recipient felt was designed exclusively for them.
Outcome This campaign garnered $288,645 from 1,919 donors. The positive goodwill from the stewardship efforts isn’t measurable, but we received dozens of anecdotal reports of people being pleased to have received such a highly personalized impact report.


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